King Coconut Water

For centuries, King Coconut water has been a cherished drink for Sri Lankans. It is a very healthy drink with high levels of potassium in it. Unlike other juices, King Coconut is 100% juice and the coconuts from Sri Lanka are known for their taste.

King Coconut Water has been for centuries been the drink of choice in Sri Lanka and has been consumed as a thirst quencher plus a healthy drink. Its immense health benefits combined with its sweet taste make it the ideal organic drink.

Tropiconut can be consumed after a work out as it is a natural rehydrant and has 5 times more potassium than water which intensifies the rehydration process allowing the body to recover and function efficiently.

Tropiconut allows the drinker to experience a sweet and healthy drink which has the boost of an energy drink with nothing but health benefits with absolutely no side effects. Tropiconut is the next orange juice only this time with no sugar and with many times the health benefits.


  • Unlike any other beverage King Coconut Water is rich in Electrolytes including Sodium, Magnesium, calcium and potassium which is key to fighting dehydration. The presence of these key electrolytes make it compatible for people with varying medical conditions.

  • It is compatible to human blood and its isotonic nature allows it to rehydrate the body quickly and hence is used in poorer countries to save human lives.

  • It is a natural rehdydrant unlike any other sports drink and has the ability to rehydrate faster as it has five times the potassium than a regular glass of water.

  • In many instances Coconut Water can be used to reduce blood pressure as a disproportionate level of electrolytes can result in high blood pressure and coconut water contains an adequate supply of electrolytes which can be used as a balancing mechanism.